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Hardwork Pemhiwa
Nairobi, Kenya --- 12/21/2009

"I have worked with African Tropical Safaris as my travel advisors for the last ten (10) years and in that period I have found them professional and truly understanding of the travel needs of a busy executive who sometimes makes travel decisions late and may need to change itineraries during flight. They truly care for the customer and are willing to go that extra mile which is rare in the travel industry these days."

Joseph Raj
Singapore, Singapore --- 11/6/2009

There are only two ways to view Africa … you either love the continent or you hate it!

It all boils down to who you appoint to organize your first trip and whose is the face that greets you as you exit the arrival terminal at the airport.

Fortunately my family and I belong to that former category that can never get enough of Africa. Our love affair with Africa began back in 1998 when my wife and I went for our first Safari to the Masai Mara Game reserve in Kenya.

While I could easily talk about the beauty and wonder of what we experienced at the Game Reserve endlessly, suffice to say that we have been going back there nearly every year for the past 10 years!

The important points to consider are the people and the company who made it possible for this love affair to develop into this passionate need to make repeated trips. Here we can only express our grateful thanks to our friends at African Tropical Safari in Nairobi for their unfailing attention to our every need and more importantly for ensuring the safety and comfort of our family and friends.

To put it in the right context about how comfortable and safe we felt in their care, we took our son on his first Safari when he was only five years old!!

Our special thanks goes to Ms Amynah from African Tropical Safari who took personal care of our every need and who unfailingly brought thoughtful gifts for each and every one of us on every trip we made to Kenya. Thanks to her our relationship with African Tropical Safari has now developed into a friendship over the years.

Thanks to African Tropical Safari, not only did we enjoy every Safari but as well the special visits to the “Carnivore” and the “Markets” in Nairobi. Our home holds many artifacts that have been collected over the years from the streets and markets in Nairobi.
For those who know Nairobi you will understand that this is no mean feat and all credit for this goes to African Tropical Safari.

We can only think about visiting Kenya when we are sure that it is African Tropical Safari and Amynah who will be responsible for chalking out our itenanary.

Writing this article only increases the urge that is once again stirring for another visit to that beautiful country called KENYA.
Philip Muchungu, Director Aegis Development Solutions Ltd
Nairobi, Kenya --- 10/14/2009

I wish to pay tribute to African Tropical safaris. All the times I have used ATS for my business or leisure travels, I have found the staff very helpful and willing to spend time in order to meet my personal and company requirements of cost effective and economical travel arrangements. They have always followed up to find out the experience we had after their bookings, this is a clear indication that they care. I can only wish ATS prosperity in the business endeavors to meet their clients needs.
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