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We would like to offer you, our esteemed clients, not only an opportunity to experience the wondrous and breath-taking beauty of AFRICA, but also a complete, value-added package, including a host of services designed to make your travel experience absolutely unforgettable. All our itineraries and Safari locations have been carefully selected to provide a range of package choices that would meet even the most discerning palette.

Our options cater to a very broad spectrum; family holidaymakers, individuals in search of tranquillity, a couple planning an intimate getaway, or perhaps even a special wedding with some “African Flavour”. These options, coupled with great rates and excellent ‘one-stop-shop service’ from our dedicated staff, provide the basis for a truly exceptional safari experience

For the particularly adventurous, or for those wishing to add other features to their trips, it would be our pleasure to tailor your African Safari to meet specific tastes and requirements. Together, we can create and experience a truly memorable adventure, and allow the magic that is Africa, its people, its land and its wildlife to enrapture us as nothing else can.                    

 How do you get about starting your trip?              
                        First, explore the background information of the various Parks, Reserves and Game Sanctuaries, and let your imagination run wild. Then, select one, or more, of the various specially structured itineraries (refer to the Tours & Safaris page - Package Tours) designed to turn your dream into a vibrant, sensual reality. Next, just sit back, relax, and allow us, African Tropical Safaris, to transport you from the comfort of your home to the doors of The African Continent.

 What do you do when you get there?       
                        Not only will we handle all your travel arrangements into the East African region, whether Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda, but we will also enrich your experiences by exposing you to the excitement and diversity that each destination has to offer.

Maybe you have always wanted to take the holiday of a lifetime, and dreamed of experiencing the mystique that is uniquely African, but have always resisted the urge for whatever reason. Well, resist no longer; take the plunge and embark on a magical journey into Africa. Experience nature at its most magnificent: the mass migration of the wildebeest and zebra; the thrill of the hunt; the heart-pounding moment when the predator – lion, leopard, cheetah – captures its prey; watch the mighty elephants on land, and the powerful hippopotamus in the water; enjoy the colourful abundance of birds, the rich heritage and culture; and the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.

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