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Destinations - Tanzania

Tanzania is a country in Southeastern Africa, bounded on the north by Kenya and Uganda, on the east by the Indian Ocean, on the south by Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia, and on the west by The Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. The country includes the Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba and other offshore islands in Indian Ocean. The total area of Tanzania is 945,087 square kilometres (364,898 square miles) Dar-es-Salaam is the de facto capital and largest city.

Tanzania is one of the unique destinations on the African continent that has yet to be discovered by many. It is a land of many wonders hubbing an un-paralleled diversity of both flora and fauna. Kilimanjaro, the highest permanently snow-capped free standing mountain in Africa, the warm clear blue waters foam the ocean floor, Zanzibar, otherwise known as Spice Island, fulfils all your island get-away expectations. The finest game sanctuaries of Ngorongoro Crater, Selous and the Marine Park of Mafia Island are only but a few of the living examples. Tanzania National Parks, established in 1959, manages 12 National Parks namely, Arusha, Gombe, Katavi, Kilimanjaro, Lake Manyara, Mahale, Mikumi, Ruaha, Rubondo, Serengeti, Tarangire and Udzungwa. Although these National Parks occupy only 4.5% of the country's total area, they play a major role in biodiversity preservation and form the back bone of nature based tourism industries in Tanzania.

Within Tanzania there is a variety of wildlife all surviving in a range of habitats which varies from the eternal snows of Mount Kilimanjaro to the tropical forests of the western regions, the plains of Serengeti, the stark volcanic landscapes, the wide savannahs of the Rift Valley and the balmy beaches of the long coastline and the adjacent Islands. Alongside these features are the diverse cultures of 120 ethnic groups, their languages, history and their artistic creations often played out in spectacular rituals and joyous music. Whether you are searching for remote and pristine splendours of nature or the intricate weave of the cultural fabric in ancient legend, Tanzania has enough to offer any visitor to fill a lifetime.

Again, going around and across Tanzania, one finds more interesting things. The remains from the oriental architecture found along the coast and Zanzibar, the coral reefs such as those at the Wambe Shando and Mwamba Wamba area; the National museum and other heritage sites add on more interesting sites to visit.

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