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Destinations - Kenya

Look up Kenya in the atlas and you will find a country about 800 kilometres (500miles) across from east to west, and about the same distance from north to south, through longer towards the coast, with the Equator running through the middle. Although it is wholly in the topics, only the coastal strip has the sort of climate and vegetation which "tropical" suggests to the northern mind's eye. Conditions in the rest vary, depending on altitude and rainfall.

It is the area of medium altitude that offers the best game and bird safaris. This is where you realize that the wide-open spaces are not just a figure of speech. However, little and often as possible, is the rule for game viewing. If you stay too long at one time familiarity breeds a kind of indifference, perhaps increased by the indigestion that hours in a car without exercise may give rise to. But a return visit to a Park or Reserve is always a delight, however often you go.

The highlands offer the Mountain Parks, a chance to walk or climb on the mountains themselves, and the sports of a temperate climate.

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