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Treetops is located in the Aberdare National park in Mweiga and is 17 km from Outspan Nyeri. The lodge rises straight out of the ground on stilts and has four decks and a rooftop viewing platform. Being the original tree lodge, Treetops is legendry for its royal connection and the animals it attracts i.e. Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Bushbuck, Waterbuck and many other species.

*Children below five years not allowed.

Aberdare Moorlands
Aberdare ranges found in Aberdare National Park, are the third highest mountain range in Kenya. Animals found include, Black Rhino, the Bongo, giant forest Hog, Columbus monkey, Birds and reptiles. Treetops is located around the salient an area with high concentration of wildlife in the Park. As you ascend you pass the bamboo forest before coming across breath taking spectacular falls starting with Chania falls, followed by Magura falls and finally Karuru which drops 300m. This is a full day tour and we recommend warm clothing as the temperatures can drop to 6 degree.
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