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Governors' Private Camp
To enhance and complete the services of Governors' Camp in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, we are pleased to offer Governors' Private Camp. As the name suggests, this camp is available for the exclusive use of individual groups. It is their own “private camp”.

Governors' Private Camp has all the assets of an individually tailored mobile safari, with the added bonus of the highly specialised experience and back-up of Governors' Camp. The professional and well-established infrastructure that operates behind the scenes makes it possible for us to offer the full services and facilities of Governors’ Camp to Governors’ Private Camp throughout the year.

Our Executive Chef is responsible for planning the menus at Private Camp and for ensuring that the food is of the highest possible quality.

We have gone to great lengths to maintain the traditional safari atmosphere and the comforts that have been incorporated do not in any way detract from this concept.

Governors' Private Camp can be booked by individual clients, or by small parties, who want the exclusivity of a private safari camp without the daunting costs normally associated with this degree of luxury. We cater for up to 16 people, in beautifully appointed and luxurious tents which we have developed through the years and now adapted, without any compromise, for our Governors' Private Camp.
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